Kitchen Trends

1. Colourful cabinetry. White kitchens aren’t going anywhere, according to both designers and Houzz research. But designer Jane Lockhart admits that we’ll start to see more colour in cabinetry, including navy, black, deep charcoals and cream colours. “Navy and dark colours will be on lower cabinets and islands to contrast with lighter neutrals on uppers,” she says.

Designer Gail rury also foresees greys and taupe’s remaining popular choices for cabinets. “These colour families are here to stay for a while, she says. High contrast is out, subtle calming combinations are in.”

2. Personalization. Homeowners won’t shy away from incorporating colours, patterns and decor they love into their kitchens in 2017. As a result, Lockhart anticipates more personalized kitchen spaces. “While white is still popular, it’s not personalized, so we’ll see more individualized kitchens through colour and materials,” she says. Colours will range from pink and black to jewel tones, while materials will emphasize geometry and texture. You can also expect to see decor items such as area rugs and runners to add even more personalization to a kitchen.

3. Jewel tones. Chic and sophisticated tones such as ruby reds, golds, turquoises, emeralds and sapphires will appear throughout backsplashes, fabrics, hardware and more. Don’t be surprised to see range hoods donning these colour tones too. “They will be made to look like jewellery in interesting shapes,” Lockhart says.

Source Credit: Houzz

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